Super Card 3DS : Nintendo SuperCard Chip


The SuperCard 3DS which can also be called the SC3DS or the SuperCard DSTHREE is said to be the most recent Flash Card for the Nintendo 3DS which came from those people who provided the DSONE, the DSTWO cards for the NDS, the DS Lite, as well as for the DSi, and the iPlayer.
What makes the SuperCard different from the other flash cards for the 3DS is that aside from allowing you to play the different 3DS roms, it is also equipped with a built-in CPU so that you can play files like DivX, .MKV, as well as the XviD, MP3 files can also be played, along with the emulators for the Gameboy Advance, and all the other kinds of consoles.


super card 3ds adapter Super Card 3D chip



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With Super Card 3DS you can run emulators on the DS making itcompatible with old SNES, SEGA, GBA, NES and MAME games. Also torrent downloads of DivX films and MKV 3D Video can be played back on the new Nintendo dual screen 3D console.

Surely most people will go staright to using the Super Card for backup games also known as Nintendo 3DS Rom files, but 3DS ROMs should not be the only thing you ues the card for. If you don't make your own backps you can download roms from romsites online, but it may be illegal in your country to do so, so before using Emulator or Roms be sure to know the precousipns you have to take. Other than that Nintendo 3DS Rom are a great way to preview games before buying or save money if you decide not to purchase the title.



microSD 3DSPlay it from microSD, microSDHC or SDXC cadr!


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Copy NDS / 3DS ROMs to microSD card -> Put the card into Flash Card Adapter -> PLAY!